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Privacy Policy

We value our customers privacy, before contacting 6 sens / VegNature 2.0, please note our privacy policy:

  1. Collection of personal data: Only data used to communicate back with customers is kept such as names, email addresses, job titles, and location information.

  2. Purpose of collection: Any data kept is used to answer questions or for the distribution of marketing information for customers that have registered for such email distribution lists

  3. Sharing of data: Data is only used by our company, we do not share with third parties unless agreed to by customers.

  4. Data security: Minimal data indicated under point 1 is kept on our servers.

  5. Data retention: Data is preserved until judged no longer relevant or until the individual requests that it be deleted.

  6. Changes to the policy: Our privacy policy is evolving and will be regularly reevaluated.

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